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Pacahuara Tribe Dies Out

Bose Yacu

Bose Yacu

The Pacahuara tribe, once the largest indigenous group in Bolivia, is about to die out.

The Pacahuara thrived in Bolivia just 200 years ago, and it is astonishing to think that in the space of just a few years, the last of the tribe elders will pass leaving no children in their place to pass on the secrets of their culture.

The final members of a Pacahuara family reside in remote areas of northeast of Bolivia, where they can be heard singing special tribal songs in their own language.

Many of the former members of the tribe were lost to hunger and war with Brazilian rebels, who eventually forced them into the jungle, to live in hiding for many years.

When the Pacahuara tribe were relocated to the northeast of Bolivia, many of the younger and newer members began to merge with the dominant tribe in the area, taking on the customs of the new tribe as well as the language, thus causing the Pacahuara ways to decline. 

After the recent death of the oldest member of the tribe, Bose Yacu, there are now just five Pacahuara left in the world.


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2 comments on “Pacahuara Tribe Dies Out

  1. 3rdCultureChildren
    January 29, 2013

    What a beautiful and informative post! we’re simply loving our time in Bolivia… so much to see and experience! If you’d be kind to give me your comments on this [English version] on our trip to mystic Copacabana, it’d be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 😮

  2. Erica Sesay
    February 4, 2013

    That’s soo sad!

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