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French Journalist Misses the Point

The city of Dublin’s takeover as the seat of EU presidency, which changes every six months, was marked by a meeting of journalists to discuss forthcoming plans, however, one journalist was notably absent from proceedings

French journalist, Jean Quatremer, was unusually outraged that the press conference was not held in the French language, and conducted solely in English. “The union presidency has a duty to respect multilingualism, at least in the institution’s working languages or the pressroom languages,’ remarked Quatremer in an article on his personal blog offensively titled, “Ireland, in service of her gracious majesty.”

Quatremer persisted with his argument, stating that not everyone (Spanish, Portuguese and Polish) could speak English, “however strange that might seem to an Anglophone.”

Quatremer quipped about the possible use of the Irish language during EU press conference, saying, “English is not even Ireland’s official language but simply its common tongue.”

Despite his cries for multiculturalism, and diversity of languages, Quatremer ended his argument with this:

“I have no desire to be governed in a language which is not my own and which most Europeans are incapable of mastering.”

Source: France 24


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