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Nepalese Languages Face Extinction

There are many reasons why the beautiful country of Nepal, sadly faces extinction of many of its native languages.

The indigenous population who live in stark isolation from the rest of the world, host over 100 languages with very specific purposes for their own nation.

In East Nepal, the language of Thangmi now has fewer than 1000 speakers due to its usage solely in medical and ritual situations.

Thagmi, like many other languages has developed several different forms of what English speakers would consider the same verb, which have been adapted to suit particular Nepalese environments. For this reason its popularity and appropriateness lie only in the Himalayas.

With its geographically specific words, the continuation of Nepalese languages is vital for the preservation of identity in the region.




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One comment on “Nepalese Languages Face Extinction

  1. Sirish
    December 8, 2012

    Time for a language exhibition.

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