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Foreign Language Tweets Congratulate William and Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit The Royal Marsden Hospital

The welcome news that Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with the third in line to the throne has thrown the entire country into a frenzy of social networking, desperate to offer their opinions, praise, and even to place bets on baby names.

Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted his message of thanks before being filmed giving his best wishes to the couple who he ensured would be wonderful parents.

As well as receiving tweets from Cheryl Cole and Olly Murs, Clarence House was flooded with messages, wishing the couple all the best for their new family.

Just seconds after the announcement that the Duchess was pregnant, more than 1000 tweets across the world were sent with the hashtag #royalbaby, and a Twitter account called @IAmRoyalBaby received 500 followers in just 5 minutes.

Tweets from Italy and France read:

“Complimenti William e Kate! Sarà un maschio o una femmina?”

 “Nouvelles merveilleuses, bien fait William et Kate!”

Despite concerns over Kate’s hospitalisation over a severe bout of morning sickness, with the necessary hydration from the King Edward VII hospital in London where she was admitted, Kate and her unborn baby will be unharmed.

Under new regulations, this new little heir, whether male or female will ascend to power to become Supreme Governor of the Church of England, the Head of the Armed Forces, Head of State of 16 countries, and Head of the Commonwealth over 54 nations throughout the world.

The response across the world was unsurprisingly phenomenal, with newspapers across the world in countless languages covered in the biggest royal event since the wedding of Prince William and Kate in 2011.


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