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Language Skills for Military Hold Key to Citizenship!

A program designed to recruit skilled immigrants into the army, which was abandoned three years ago, has been re-started by the American military. At the request of the Pentagon, immigrants who are especially skilled in medicine and languages will enlisted and put on the fast track to citizenship.

When the program was thought up some three years ago it was highly regarded as a great way to bring appropriate and necessary talent into the military. However, after the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage in Texas, the program was abandoned pending serious security reviews.

It is hoped that the program will influence other service branches to recruit skilled immigrants into various divisions.  The American military will accept 1,500 applicants over the next two years, bringing a highly satisfactory amount of talent into the country.

Out in the field, as well as during operations on base, the army frequently has to enlist the services of interpreting agencies and translators in order to fully meet all linguistic needs. With their own source of language talent they will greatly be able to reduce the number of external agencies they have to rely on. It also goes without saying that having a strong team of medically able people in the army is a fantastic concept.

Although attitudes to immigration have become increasingly negative over the past few years, it is undeniable that when conducted and monitored properly, immigration is a positive thing. It is not only the economy that benefits but so too does society as a whole, becoming much more inclusive and diverse. The chaos comes when migrants come illegally and take advantage of an often lax system.

The program, which is called Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, or MAYNI for short, will aim to recruit immigrants with specific languages and from various health professions, such as psychiatry and dentistry. It has already been decided that those who are undocumented or who have criminal records need not apply, however those previously denied access to the US or the military may submit their application. Upon acceptance, citizenship will shortly follow.


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